The future of Teeth Whitening is here with the Vidawell Teeth Whitening Kit.  The unique LED lights work in conjunction with gel containing whitening agents (FDA registered and made in USA) to lighten your tooth colour up to 8 shades whiter in one week. The patented teeth whitening device is USB powered by your smartphone or computer or portable device.




$225.00 NZD



The Vidawell Teeth Whitening Kit is SO easy to use!

Step one

Open the specially formulated gel pen, and click once or twice to dispense the gel onto the brush.

Step two

Paint the gel using the brush on to the teeth to be treated.

Step three

Plug the plastic mouth tray into a USB device - this includes phones, laptops, car chargers or anything with a USB charger.

Step four

Set the timer for 20 minutes.

Step five

Place the tray into your mouth, over the teeth.

Step six

Sit back and relax or go about you normal daily activities

Step seven

Remove the tray, rinse your mouth out with water and rinse the tray and store in a hygienic place until your next treatment.  Use up to three times per day.

Up to 8 shades lighter in one week!