Ultra Filtration Water Purifier

The Vidawell Ultra Filtration Water Purifier brings fresh, clean water to your home.  No need to purchase expensive bottles of water to achieve the taste of pure, chlorine and toxin free water.  With the unique triple filter and the easy fitting connection to most taps, there is no need for complicated plumbing to get a delicious glass of filtered water every time. 

The Vidawell Water Purifier utilises three treatment types.  

  • An ultrafiltration filter to filter out particles, impurities, organic compounds, bacteria, and viruses.  
  • An activated carbon filter that absorbs chlorine.
  • An alkaline stone that regulates water PH.

The smart replaceable filter cartridge will illuminate at a usage of 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000 litres of water.  With a family of four each drinking two litres of water a day, a cartridge will provide approximately 500 days of fresh purified water.

This product is now discontinued, however, filters are available on line.  Purchase here.